Don’t Call Us…We’ll Call You. Part 2.

As a Los Angeles Matchmaker I met all kinds of interesting women who are interested in meeting a great man…The thing is….interesting is not always good.

One of the strangest meetings I had was last year.

After a lengthy phone interview with this lady over the phone ( on which she sounded quite normal), we set up a brunch meeting at a small cafe in West Hollywood.

I arrive on time and take a seat outside, and look for a the lady I saw in the photos. A tall, thin beautiful woman in her earl 40’s. Fifteen minutes go by and she still isn’t there.

Usually someone excessively late is strikes out with me unless they have a damn good excuse…like their car broke down, they were abducted by aliens, or they were coming from receiving the noble peace prize…anything else just does not fly.

I expect people to be on time, especially if they are receiving my service for free which many women do.

Finally she shows up 20 minutes late in a black lincoln town car…she is wearing a very fitted dress and stiletto heels. She looks better than her photos and is very classy.

I file the fact that she was late in the back of my mind as the waiter comes to our table. I order up some good brunchy food, she asks if the orange juice is fresh squeezed, organic, because if it’s not, she doesn’t want it.  The waiter says he has to check. She tells him, if it’s not bring me water, but in a bottle,not from the tap because I am allergic to the stuff the put in the tap water…it makes me break out in hives.

She proceeds to tell me about herself. 42. Divorced. Former model. One child..seems ok.

She then asks me about the kind of men I have.  I begin to tell her, but she interrupts me.

“He needs to be rich” She tells me. ” And not any type of rich, he needs to have a full-time gardener and house keeper, I don’t date men that have once a week house cleaners, I tried…but it never works out”

The waiter comes back with a bottle of some generic kind of water in a bottle and begins to open it when she stops him.

” Is that from Europe?, because I don’t drink water that’s not from Europe…”

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…




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