No, I am not the millionaire matchmaker.

When I go to events in Los Angeles, people always ask me what I do, and I tell them I am matchmaker. First they are generally taken aback my age ( I’m 27) and then they ask if I am like the Millionaire Maker they see on TV.

The answer is,


Aside from the fact that I am obviously NOT Patti Stanger and the fact I don’t have a TV show ( maybe one day…)I also do not operate my business like most Los Angeles or the US.

The major difference is between me and a lot of the matchmakers in the business is the way I charge. Most matchmaking agencies sign their clients to a yearly contract with a large upfront investment ( normally starting around $10,000) and guarantee their clients a set number of introductions ( usually in the neighborhood of 8-12).

I prefer to work with my clients on a reasonable monthly retainer and provide them unlimited matches for that time period. This gives my clients more freedom.

Like I said before, I am not Patti Stanger who I respect as an established matchmaker. I run a smaller agency than hers, I like to keep things small just so I can devote my time each client.


2 thoughts on “No, I am not the millionaire matchmaker.

  1. Sounds far better than the matchmaking service that I’ve contracted with. I paid a large sum and haven’t met a soul.
    Despite the fact that I’m HWP, very educated, well traveled and multilingual; I prefer interracial relationships. Not what’s happening in Houston.

    How so ladies of color fare with your agency?

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