Five Major Mistakes That Most Matchmakers Make Today

At 27, I am the youngest matchmaker in the business. As a young Los Angeles Matchmaker, I feel there are big changes that need to happen in the matchmaking industry.

I feel most matchmakers that have been around for 10 years or more are not in tune with today’s customer, today’s economy or today’s technology.

Here are 10 common mistakes most matchmakers make.

1. They change a huge upfront retainer, sometimes over $20,000+, sure that’s a nice chunk of change, but who really in this economy wants to pay that, and even if they have the money, do they really want to put all that upfront before even meeting anyone? My matchmaking agency, uses a simple month-to-month contract and a fairly price retainer.

2. They don’t target their services to women, assuming women are out of work dim-wit gold diggers can’t afford or won’t be willing a matchmaker, or it is assumed that men only want to meet “model quality women” and not regular women.

3. They are not actively writing blogs, using twitter, Facebook or other social media outlets.

4.They don’t target their services towards gay clients. I am currently working with  on co-launching a separate agency that is totally devoted gay matchmaking, which is launching in late Feb 2011.

5. They only target their services to very wealthy clients. Sure you can be an upscale matchmaker, but target your services to regular men and women well as the big earners.


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