How To Know If He Loves You

As an upscale matchmaker and a matchmaker in LA, my female friends are always asking me how they know if a man is in love with them, here is 15 tell tale signs:

1. He’s interested in your love. He always asks about your family, friends or about your job. Even if he doesn’t tell you everything, he insists to find out more about you.

2. He knows how to make you smile and what to say in order to make you feel really special. He’s the kind of man who cheers even the darkest day.

3. He’s very sweet, sensitive and thoughtful about what you feel. Every time when you’re together, he’s careful at the way you feel and tries to find out what you like.

4. He calls you without a reason and without asking you what you’re doing or who you are with. You can feel from his voice that he called you because he missed you, not because he’s jealous.

5. He wants to spend more time with you. He dedicates to you all his free moments and you have great fun when you are together.

6. He brings in discussion topics that he wouldn’t talk about with no one else than you. He trusts you and confesses his feelings related to various aspects of his life.

7. He makes efforts to date you or to arrive to a show / event at which you insist to go. He never complains that he missed other things in order to be with you.

8. He tells you how wonderful you are and how you make him feel. He already told you that you’re the most precious person in his life.

9. He does small and unexpected things that make you understand how much you mean to him. He’s always careful to details and knows what you like and what not.

10. He likes to stay closer to you and he hugs you every time he can. Moreover, he’s always tender even if you’re in public.

11. He chooses carefully the gifts for you and tries to offer you something that has a special meaning.

12. He helps you even if you don’t ask for help and accepts you to help him. This way, you’re a real team.

13. He tells you how your future will look like and asks you to help him when it comes about common


14. He says “I love you” in moments when he shouldn’t do it, unexpectedly.

15. His gestures say everything about him and you know for sure that his feelings are for real.


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