Good Date Movies.

Choosing what movie to watch is a common problem between couples. Here are is a list of ten choices that both she and will love.

1. Back To The Future: Who honestly does not love this movie?

2. The Jerk: This 1970’s movie starring Steve Martin has to be one of the funniest movies ever that both men and woman will go for.

3. The Forty Year Old Virgin: This movie combines guy-style humor with a sweet, well-meaning love story.

4..The Thin Man: This slick, witty screwball comedy features Nick and Nora Charles (portrayed by William Powell and Myrna Loy) what is probably one of the coolest onscreen couples ever.

5. Casablanca: When in doubt go for a classic.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Nothing is better than Audrey Hepburn as quirky, stylish Holly Golightly in this 1960’s classic.

7. Amalie-  If you are looking for an evening of international film you will love this quirky French comedy starring Audrey Tatou.

8. When Harry Met Sally- Ok while this is a chick flick, this witty romantic comedy will entertain men as well.

9. The Graduate: This 1970’s classic about a younger man going for an older woman is classic enough for both men and women to enjoy.

10. Dirty Dancing: This 1980’s classic offers both romance and sexy, steamy dance moves.

11. Ghost: Another great 1990’s movie with Patrick Swayze,.

12.North By Northwest: This Hitchcock classic combines both suspense and romance.

Nicole Westwood is an LA matchmaker based in Beverly Hills.


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