Nice Guys Finish First!

If you’re confident, you can easily attract women. Carry yourself well, know what you’re talking about, and look at women in the eye when you talk to her. But don’t be too confident and risk coming across as arrogant or cocky. A self-assured guy is sure to attract women.

You can be the best-dressed or the most handsome guy in the room, but if you can’t hold a conversation, then girls will just get bored in your company. Dazzle her with your personality. Add some charisma, and charm your way into getting a woman’s attention.

If you get nervous when approaching women, take deep breaths and calm down. Engage her in casual conversation injected with a little humor every now and then. If you get her to laugh then your conversation skills are working. Tease her but don’t go overboard with it.

When you get a conversation going, you’ll discover you have interests in common, which is a good start. Talk about neutral topics like music, movies, hobbies, or current events. Relax and have fun getting to know each other through conversation.

Be on your best behavior too. If she agrees to go out on a date with you, make her feel like she’s the only woman for you. Compliment her on how she looks like, but say it sincerely. Bring out your gentlemanly skills too, but don’t make it look like it’s forced. Remember to open doors for her, give her your jacket when it’s cold, or hold the umbrella when it’s raining.

Women look for safety and security too. If you manage to make her feel secure in your company, then you increase your chances of having something more than a dating relationship with a girl.

Go the extra mile to impress her when you’re at the end of your date night. Drive her home or see her to the door without expecting anything in return. You’ll make her feel more secure if you showed that you wanted to see her safely home.

Versus jerks and bad behavior, women will always go for nice guys who mind their manners and treat everyone with respect. So be polite and watch your language. With these traits, you won’t have a hard time attracting women.

Nicole Westwood is LA matchmaker based in Beverly Hills. She uses her skills as upscale matchmaker to help men and women meet for lasting love.

You inquire about her services at Nicolewestwood.com, an executive matchmaking agency.


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