What A Good Woman Is Seeking In A Man.

As a Los Angeles Matchmaker, my male clients come to me telling me that in the past, they have found that woman have looked directly at their jobs or income when deciding whether they like them or not, often these women,  particularly in Los Angeles, only see the money or the job the man has and fail to see what they should be really looking at: His mind, his heart and his personality.

As a matchmaker, I have worked with a many millionaires, as well as men who are not millionaires. I do not discriminate based on income or job status. It makes me shudder to think that some matchmakers actually “check” their clients income levels. To me, the income someone makes has no bearing on the quality of mate they might make.

All that is requires of my male (and female)clients is that they have a steady job and income.

So what is a good woman looking for in a man? It can vary from woman to woman, but here are some basics a GOOD woman is looking at when she is looking for a mate:

1. Someone who has his life together, has an education, a steady job, and pays his bills/rent/mortgage on time and has a good credit score.

2. Someone who is honest.

3. Someone who is responsible

4. Someone who is interested in marriage/a long-term relationship/children/monogamy.

5. Someone who leads a healthy lifestyle.

6. Someone who can be their best friend/soul mate.





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