How To Attract a Woman

What is the best way to get a conversation going with a woman? Simply being the center of attention for among girls can be an great experience of life time. So if you know there are girls falling for you, there is nothing like that. But being a magnet can be tough sometimes. Women prefer to go out with a man who has a great muscular body. But they don’t expect you to be a body builder. Daily work out is enough to keep you fit and strong. Do not spend too much time on work out.

Guys don’t like to be interested in anything girly. But you need not be afraid to show the soft side when it comes to issue of girls. Women always like to respond and communicate well to guys who can relate very well to him. The fact is dressing up neatly is a sign of a decent man who knows how to take care of himself. The woman will judge the man by his looks first.

A lot of girls say that they don’t really bother about the looks of the guy they go out on a date with and all that they care about is his nature. This is not the truth. Unknowingly or knowingly, women do care about what their partners look like. Therefore, the first rule to attract girls is to look good and to groom yourself according to the latest fashion. So put up your best appearance when trying to approach a woman. Because your good looks and a groomed personality will not only attract girls towards you, but will greatly increase your level of confidence, which can take you a long way in impressing girls.

Girls pick up a lot of signals what kind of person you are based and about who you are and on the non-verbal cues that your body makes. Men don’t want women to think they are nervous, but if man fidget or stutter it becomes obvious to her that he is not feeling very confident. Being conscious of your mannerisms and actions is necessary for man to make adjustments. So man need to make sure his movements reinforce the image of confidence that he want to project when approaching women.

When man approach a woman, he can divide his interaction with her into three parts – the opener, the conversation, and the closer. To fare well on all three, he need to have good timing when delivering his lines. What makes a good approach is being able to enter into woman consciousness and transition from one stage to another naturally and smoothly.

The road to approaching girls easily starts with knowing oneself. Assess your weaknesses and your strengths when it comes to approaching girls. Identify any self-limiting beliefs or barriers you may have about yourself and about women. So this will allow you to address each one plan and rationally out strategies to overcome each one.

Unconsciously, girls judge sexual attractiveness based on how girls have judged it for thousands of years and that is by your ability to protect your offspring and by how the quality of the genes you carry. This means you need to show girls that you have the best genes. You do this by making yourself look well-built, healthy, energetic and strong.

So if you really want to attract a woman, it is extremely important to be yourself. Because putting on a fake personality in a hope to impress a woman will make you lose confidence in yourself and this would be reflected in your body language. Being yourself will help you attract women with similar traits and qualities and present yourself well. Besides lack of confidence, excess of aggression is something that you should avoid when it comes to approaching girls.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and a matchmaker in Los Angeles.


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