So you want to ask her or him out…

Asking someone out is a big thing…or is it? If you just think about asking someone out, its simpler then you think. It’s just like every other question, and like any other question, the worst answer you can hear is no.

I think people make a mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to asking that special or man or woman out on a date. But sometimes, you just gotta do it, or might miss the might the most important date you will ever go on, a date that could lead meeting the ONE.

This is especially true for women. Don’t assume just because a man likes you that he’s going to ask you out, he might be head over heels in love you and he’d never even know that you felt the same way.

Sometimes a woman has to do the asking to get what she really wants, and many times when the woman does the asking, it’s a big sign of the relief to a man.

There is a kind of magic that exists between two people who care about each even before one asks the other date. Sometimes there is already makings of chemistry, its brewing inside each of them, waiting to be released. It’s that static electricity between two people who have never met, standing on opposite sides of the room the party that with smile, a conversation, and then a date.

So, how do you ask someone out?


It starts with a smile, look up at them, meet eyes and smile. Chances are, they will probably smile back.

Go up to them, strike up a conversation just to break the ice, a compliment is a great one tell her you like her shoes or tell him you like his tie, ask them where they got it, what they had for lunch, who they know at the party–anything to create a comfortable rapport. A note for guys: you don’t need cheesy pick up lines, or to act cool or suave, just be genuine act yourself.

Keep it light, and don’t forget to flirt, this could be lightly touching their arm or hand,

While you are speaking, make sure to create eye contact with them.

When you feel the conversation is flowing, and they are not pulling away, then its time to go in to make the “kill”.

The question ask could be as simple as ” I’ve really enjoyed talking to you today, would you like to have coffee sometime?”

Remember its just a question and, the worst thing that you can hear is “no”.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker based in Los Angeles, As a los Angeles matchmaker she works with singles all over the united states in cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Miami.


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