The Lowdown on Fear Of Intimacy

Fear of intimacy is a major hurdle that some men and woman have to jump over to get to long-lasting meaningful relationships and provides challenges for those dating and partnered with men and women who fear intimacy. This short article will tell what you should do to helping your partner conquer his or her fear of intimacy.

First understand, fear of intimacy is a very real phobia, it is one that usually excised way before you came onto the scene, many people who suffer from intimacy phobias do such because of a traumatic event during child, such as the death of a parent or a divorce that ripped their family apart. Sometimes the event is so ingrained within the person’s psyche, that they can not even remember what might have triggered this phobia.

Also understand that fear of intimacy is different than commitment phobia. Though, it might have some of the characteristics, the main difference is that people who fear intimacy do not fear commitment and can be very commited partners, what they fear is getting close for fear that they could lose everything.

The key to being a relationship with a person who has a fear of intimacy is you need to be patient and be understanding. The worst thing you can do is rush them and nag them to do something they are not ready to do.  Just know the fact that they are not moving quickly has nothing to do the amount of love your partner feels for you.

The best thing you can to for them is to be there for them, supporting through  them finding their way to a long-lasting love with you.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker who runs a Los Angeles Matchmaking Agency. She helps put couples together for lasting love and romance.


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