Get the Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams At Very Little Cost.

There is an old saying that a man should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring for his girl friend. That might have been the case at one time, but in this economy, that is hardly viable for many men  today.

Yet, diamonds are STILL a girl’s best friend, and most women who get engaged want to have something sparkly and pretty to show off to their friends.

A client of mine who recently got engaged told me about a few websites where you can get the diamond of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. She was craving a Tiffany legacy ring, but when she saw the price tag for the 2 carat sparkler she had her eye on she almost fainted.

The ring was over 30,000. The price of  a fairly nice car. She told me she would feel guilty having any man spend that kind of money, just for a piece of jewelry.

So, she started doing some research online and came across a site selling synthetic diamonds and was shocked at how little they sold for. She could get a 2 carat ring for under $2,000

She was floored, and instantly called up her fiance who was also delighted by the prices.

Today she has a beautiful D clarity 2 carat engagement ring that looks identical to the Legacy ring from Tiffany’s.

So what is a synthetic diamond? It’s a diamond that has been created in a lab using the same conditions as would occur in nature.  Unlike other gems that have been synthetically created, it is very hard to tell if a synthetic diamond is actually synthetic, even your jeweler will not be able to tell the difference, unless he’s got some sort of way to scientifically test it on site.

To get a mined diamond with the same clarity as a synthetic, you would have to get a D clarity diamond, that is the highest clarity possible, and comes with the highest possible price tag.

If you are not convinced yet, also know that when you buy a synthetic diamond, you are buying a green product that is conflict free. If you don’t know anything about the conflict surrounding diamonds, know that mining removes several hundred tons of earth to extract one carat worth of diamond. Also, Amnesty International estimates that 3.7 million people have died in Africa in conflicts involving the smuggling of diamonds to fund rebel armies.

So, for a  beautiful, conflict free diamond, try visiting some sites that sell these beauties, to get the diamond you will love, and the price he will like.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker based in Los Angeles. She works with singles to find them lasting love. The Nicole Westwood Agency is an upscale matchmaking agency in Los Angeles.




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