Dating is Hell.

Lets Face it, dating is not fun.

A first date is more like a job interview then a relaxing experience between two people, and the first few weeks and months, however exciting they maybe, are also full of uncertainty.

Dating is especially hard if you live in LA like I do. I came to LA 5 years ago from Marin County, which just north of San Francisco, and just south of Wine Country.

I came here as a single girl as well, back home I had dated a lot of upscale professionals from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

So when I came to LA, I was shocked at how different dating was in LA. All I wanted was I wanted was a man with a decent job and a nice disposition: that meant no narcissists, no players, no guys who live in their mom’s basement and no 48 year old men working at the GAP.

Easy, right? Wrong!

I spent three years stuck in dating hell, date after date with men who were flakey, brainless, egotistical, needy, or worst of all they were already relationships and/or married.


I even tried to go to a LA matchmaker. No luck there either. They matched me up with anyone and everyone I did not want to meet.

I couldn’t understand why a decent looking, 25-year-old allAmerican girl couldn’t get a date? Well its pretty hard in LA or in any big city that matter.

Fortunately, after all the trouble I went through, I did live happy ever after. I met a wonderful man who I have been with for over three years.

Now, as matchmaker and someone who has gone through the minefield of dating, I am excited to help others live happy ever after as well without TOO much pain!


One thought on “Dating is Hell.

  1. In the Silicon Valley the place to network and connect with professionals is through a channel that is offline called Linx Dating The Bay Area is very hard to meet eligible professionals and this has been an excellent way for me to connect with great guys.

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