How Most Matchmakers Charge VS: How We Charge

Most matchmakers ask for large fees upfront, and want to sign you to sign a yearly contract EVEN before you have met a single person. These matchmakers ask for at the low-end $10,000 and at the high-end up to $100,000 ( Yeah, you read that right, the price of a VERY nice car!).

And even if you have $100,000, wouldn’t you rather spend it on a nice car? A nice trip, or maybe a whole bunch of dates the your new partner?

We thought so…

That’s why at the Nicole Westwood Agency, we don’t believe in $100,000 contracts or even $10,000 contracts, in fact we don’t do yearly contracts…frankly we find them to be a waste of money for our clients.

We are a matchmaking agency, that works with our clients month to month on a fairly priced retainer, so if you meet the man or woman of your dreams on the first date, no need to renew with us…its just that simple!




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