What Does A Matchmaker Like Nicole Westwood Do?

A matchmaker is anyone who brings two people together into either a romantic or formal relationship. In the West, very few people practice arranged marriages, so most matchmaking is of the romantic variety.

Many cultures even at present are still practicing arranged marriages. This is to ensure that two families will unite in harmony without any problems. It is also made to ensure that the couples will be the perfect match. This is where the matchmaker comes in. A matchmaker is someone who does the job of matching people and arrange their marriage to make sure that the family values, traditions and even wealth can be maintain.

For traditional families of China, Middle east and other parts of the world that still practice arrange marriages, the role of the matchmaker is very crucial. The matchmaker is the one responsible for the best match between families. Matching can base on cultures or beliefs such as in astrology, on the position of the stars as well as on zodiac.

Other based the match on the compatibility of their religious faith. If matchmakers find that there are something that is not in congruence with their belief, the relationship will be discouraged and even forbidden. Matchmaking is highly values in other cultures, especially those that do think of divorce as highly unacceptable. The matchmaker has to make sure that he has matched the best families. While matching the best couples is just a secondary objective

.Nowadays when highly educated and wealthy individuals were opposing the practice of matchmaking, matchmakers’ job is no longer the decision maker but more of facilitating the process of finding a match. There are instances when professionals are getting old but are still very busy to find a partner, seek the help of a matchmaker to enable them to find the best partner for life.

Nicole Westwood is a high end matchmaker in Los Angeles. The Nicole Westwood Agency is a upscale matchmaking Agency in Los Angeles and helps upscale singles find the love of their lives.


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