What is “true love” really?

As an upscale matchmaker,  I feel like the word love is thrown around to casually these days. It’s so easy for people to say ” I love you.” without even knowing what love really is. True love is something that is discussed in romance novels and fairy tales, but  what is ”  true love”.

Here are some top qualities of “true love” and how you know you have attained it:

1. You have been with your partner for a few years (yes, true love takes time to develop, its does not happen over night!) and you can’t imagine living your life without them.

2. They are your best friend, and if you HAD to leave them for some reason, they would still continue your best friend.

3. You treat them with respect.

4. When in a disagreement, you can fight fair and resolve issues peacefully.

5. You trust the other person, and they trust you.

6. Your partner encourages you to have some independence in the relationship and pursue you own hobbies and friends.

7. Your partner is there for you through sickness and health, and through thick and thin.

8. You accept them how they are, and don’t wish to change them.

Nicole Westwood is a matchmaker in Los Angeles who works with upscale singles to help them find the loves of their lives.



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