5 Tips To Attract Women–From an Upscale Matchmaker

As an upscale matchmaker, I can tell you the following five steps will help you learn how to attract women. They should be followed in the order that is suggested and with dedicated effort. By the time you finish number five, you will be ready to attract more women than you will know what to do with.

1. Become attractive to yourself. Look in the mirror and search for the good things. There is a lot there to like. The more you see in yourself that is desirable, the more women will as well. Look past the imperfections that have made you worry about yourself, these things will fade in the eyes of a woman that loves you. If you love yourself, then you will be worthy of her.

2. Put yourself in places where you will be able to find women. You cannot attract a woman who is not there. Likewise, you cannot attract women who have dismissed you time and time again. Try new places where you can start anew. Continuously search for new places to find ladies.

3. Get in touch with your inner woman. Guys have a little bit of estrogen inside of them. That is a scientific fact. You might want to deny it, but you should get to know it. Find out what you naturally know about being a woman. This will help you communicate with the ladies. They will also find you more attractive if they feel like you understand them better.

4. Make them notice you. I’m not saying that you need to be a showboat, but they should at least recognize that you’re in the room. Let me tell you a story of one time I commanded a room for the sole purpose of getting on girl to notice me. I was at friend’s wedding, and he had not asked me to give a toast. I wanted a girl there to know who I was, so I made a toast anyway. I just tried to be as confident as possible during the toast. I let my emotions run a little high so that I would look sweet. It worked really well. Later on when I talked to the girl, she remembered me from the toast. It was a good way to start a conversation. She felt like we had met before. So, be sure to be noticeable.

5. Awkward silence kill attraction. Try not to let them creep into a conversation. Keep the ball moving. You will want her to talk about herself as much as possible. Still, if a there is a silent hole that needs to be filled, don’t be afraid to tell your own life’s story. This keeps the conversation moving. Also, keep it lively. Don’t bring up anything depressing, and try to keep her from saying something depressing. You don’t want to have to pause for anything. The quicker the conversation is moving, the higher the attraction will be.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and a matchmaker in Los Angeles.


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