An Upscale Matchmaker Tells you How To Tell If A Man Likes You.

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world.  Nothing else can make one so giddy with happiness or float on air in bliss. When men fall in love, now that’s a sight to see.  Love can do all sort of things to a man.  It changes them makes them do crazy things, weird things that he never used to do before. Here  is a few tips from professional matchmaker Nicole Westwood will give you a few tips on how to see if a man likes you.

Yes, guys do fall in love but what are the signs you may ask?  According to a book author, there are several common signs actually.  So if you are a girl and there’s a guy whom you feel likes you but you’re not sure then read on. Such is the power of love…

  • They give special attention. One sure way to find out if they are in love with a certain woman is if they give special attention to the girl.  Giving a girl a dozen roses everyday.  According to researches, most guys seem to be shy with regards to showing their feelings.  So girls must be a bit more sensitive sensitive.  They must try to compare the treatment of the guys to them and to other girls.  If a guy is generally mean but is usually nice to a certain girl then chances are he’s attracted to her.
  • Giving compliment. Giving compliments is probably the easiest way of showing special attention to girls.  Guys would pick out a girl’s beautiful feature and they would make sure that she knows about it,  If a girl they like has a beautiful eyes then she would hear the words “you have a beautiful eyes,” at least a hundred times during a conversation.
  • Showering a girl they like with gifts or doing things for her. According to guys the gifts need not be expensive and the favors need not be big.
  • Learn to read between the lines. Girls don’t expect guys to be straightforward.  Learn to read between the lines.  The fact that they are making the effort to talking to you should be taken as a sign.  Thanks to the modern technology that is text messaging, guys can now get in touch with a girl without the risk of getting rejected or embarrassed.
  • They communicate. The worst thing that could happen is that the girl you’re sending a message to would not respond, they would always comfort themselves and the thought that the girl didn’t get the message.
  • Feeling nervous. The most obvious sign that a guy is in love with a girl is if he gets nervous when she’s around.  According to guys they do get butterflies in their stomach and cats do get in their tongues when the object of their desire is in front of them.  So girls must be very observant.  Nervousness would be expressed in something as subtle as telltale as shaking and sweating.
  • They learn how to have a sense of humor. Guys know that possessing a sense of humor is always an advantage in winning a girl’s heart.  They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach to a girl’s is, they think is through her funny bone.  It is the goal of every man to make the girl they like to laugh. And once they achieved that they know the battle is half won.
  • They want to look good. When they are in love, most guys smell and look (at least try) a lot better.  There is something about love that makes ordinary Joes into dashing heartthrobs.  And yes they also seem to shower more frequently when they are in love.  Vanity is not only for girls especially when love’s involved.
  • Ask him. There’s no better way of really knowing a guy’s true feelings than hearing it from him.  Why don’t you just ask, girls!   According to them it’s becoming increasingly acceptable for girls to make the initiative when it comes to love.  And don’t worry about being embarrassed for most guys would appreciate being courted for a change.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker based in Los Angeles. Work with a Nicole Westwood Agency Matchmaking agency matchmaker to help find you the love of your life.


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