Eye Contact is Important When Approaching Someone You Like, A tip from an upscale matchmaker.

As a professional matchmaker, I would say that making eye contact with someone you intend to ask out is very important., it is one of the ways you signal that you are interested.

We need to make eye contact. A glance at a girl becomes very personal when it’s slightly longer and with a smile. A guy can use this tactic to save himself from approaching women that may not be interested.

We as humans are naturally trained not to stare. Look all around you, the extroverts in life make eye contact and are ready to engage. If you’re in a social environment put away your iPhone, and engage women with your eyes. This is a powerful tool. Re-occurring glances at a girl followed by a smile can produce amazing results. Picture this as a set of lights. Green (a smile back) – you approach, red (she looks away) – you avoid.

As a crucial dating tip for men, we need to re-train ourselves to look up and get used to making eye contact with women. When we do this a conversation can begin through body language. I define this as a personal introduction with out words being spoken.

Most of us men look away because we fear the rejection, or the disapproval of our glances. This is a wasted opportunity. How many times have we checked out some one, say at a bar, you look at them, they look back. This continues until there is simultaneous eye contact. Then a smile happens or a gesture. Then the guy does nothing more for fear of rejection. More times than not, this opportunity is wasted and the two parties move on. Change this!

Guys,this is you’re goal, this is your challenge. Start by glancing at women and smiling every day.Then follow up with conversations with these girls. This will condition your mind through repetition. Then, when the hot chick arrives you’ll be in the game. Being shy does not work to your advantage here.

After eye contact, the approach can be made much easier. You know she is interested, now you have permission. These are tactics of a player.

In summary, eye contact is a crucial dating tip for men. Get used to looking at women and make deliberate glances with girls you find attractive. Try and hold the gaze with a nice smile and watch their reaction. If it is positive, move in for the pick up. You will be surprised.

This is a crucial advice for men that should be deployed at all times.

Finally, remember that not everyone you glance at will be attracted to you, so expect some glances never to be returned. Don’t take it personally.

Nicole Westwood is a matchmaker in Los Angeles who runs The Nicole Westwood Agency, an upscale matchmaking agency that can help you find the love of your life.



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