How to Hire an Upscale Matchmaker

1. Do your research.

There are hundreds of professional matchmakers, everyone has a niche. Some matchmaking agencies are large, some are small, decide which one would work best with you. Chances are if you are seeking one on one customer service, you should go with a smaller matchmaking agency where you will work directly with the head matchmaker and owner of the company.

2.  Don’t be afraid to go out-of-state.

As a professional matchmaker, many of my clients are from out-of-state. If you find the right matchmaker and she/he is out-of-state, don’t despair, a matchmaker out-of-state could have a large database in your state, so she/he might be worth looking into.

3. Consider Cost.

An upscale matchmaker is not cheap, but some matchmakers charge differently from others. Some of the larger matchmakers require that you sign a yearly contract, and some like us work a month to month on a fairly priced retainer.

Nicole Westwood is an matchmaker in Los Angeles who works with upscale clients to find them long-lasting love.


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