How To Find YOUR Prince Charming, From An Upscale Matchmaker.

Most long to be with a perfect man and those who already have a man are unlikely to be able to claim he is perfect. The perfect man has no faults and never becomes boring. How to find your perfect man will depend very much on you. Each woman has a different idea of what her perfect man would be like and what would be ideal for one might sound awful to someone else.

To find the right person for you, someone who will make you happy in the short and the long term, you need to make a list of all the things you have to offer a man and all the things you seek in a man and see where they marry up. Unfortunately this is where most women go wrong, they have a very long list of the things they want but a very short list of what they offer in return, hence they do not get what they want. If you are poor, unemployed and living in a rented room you will not attract someone who has a very good job and a lovely house.

Make a list of the things that matter to you, with the important things at the top, the deal breakers and deal makers. Your deal breakers may be that you cannot stand a man who is a heavy drinker, so make a note to yourself to stay away from such men regardless of anything else they may be able to offer. Most women will say they will not date a married man, so if they come across a married man there is no point in them finding out whether or not he enjoys the same hobbies or likes children. Put the most important things at the top of the list, the deal breakers, such as if the man is married, and only work your way down through the less important things if you can successfully tick that off.

One thing I noticed about a lot of the women who are my clients as a matchmaker is that many of them would find a guy on a dating site, see his photo, find out he lives quite near and meet him. After meeting him several times or more they would say they have no wish to speak to him again because they found out he is unemployed or homeless or has just come out of prison. Fine, good decision, but they could have asked him about those things before meeting and saved time on pointless meets.

Now you have a list of the things that matter to you ask yourself where such a man would spend his spare time. If you love sports then you might find someone suitable at a gym, if you love music then it may be at a concert.

The things that most women would agree are important is that the man is loyal and honest, these are things you cannot ask the guy. They may tell you they are but it does not guarantee they are right or being honest about it. If the man is married or separated and insisting he is decent, honest and loyal then ask yourself why his marriage went wrong. Was it because he was playing around? If his wife was the one who decided to end the relationship it may be because he has a terrible fault which is a deal breaker to you too, so ask him why the relationship ended BEFORE you waste six months dating him.

When you know what your idea of a perfect man is then stick to it. If one of your deal breakers is that the man is older than you do not let a younger man persuade you to change your mind. You will only regret it later. It is better to stay single and wait till you find that special someone rather than make do just because it suits someone else. With millions of people on the planet you should not have to compromise at all, so long as you are being realistic.

Nicole Westwood is a professional matchmaker and an upscale matchmaker who works with singles to help them find their long lasting love. Nicole Westwood is a matchmaker in LA, but works with singles all over the country.


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