The Effects of Technology On Today’s Relationships.

Today, we spend much of our lives sitting in front of a computer screen. We spend our time on such sites as Facebook and Twitter silently communicating with people all over the world, if we leave our house, we are still connected to our computer via our iphone, ipad, blackberry or android. Everything we need is on a computer: our music, our journal, our friends, our loved ones, it’s to point where no one ever picks up a phone

Why should they when they can text, chat, or tweet to one another in a few words?

I have been guilty of it as well, I regularly chat with one of my friends on Facebook and post on her wall and she LIVES A BLOCK FROM ME….

So, what has this kind of effect has technology had on our relationships? Mostly detrimental…couples who go on a date will each dine with a Blackberry next to them and check their incoming mail, having a smart phone so close at hand means work follows them around, even after hours. I can’t count the times I will be out to lunch with a friend and they will interrupt the conversation to answer a text or chat message.

And while Facebook might connect friends and family, it has also been known to break up relationships. Why? Because Facebook makes adultery and infidelity easier than ever. No longer does one to seek a clandestine affair out at work or school, they can have one with a few clicks on the mouse. Countless relationships and marriages have broken up because one partner met someone sexy on Facebook and spent hours chatting with them instead of time with their significant other.

For people willing to take things one step further, there is even a game called Second Life, where users can do exactly what it sounds like. This game offers users a second life in a virtual world where they can own their own home, interact with other users and even have sex…People have been known to have full on relationships in this world, and even get married, often people will carry out one real life relationship and one in the game, and though it is only a game, it has caused real relationships and marriages to shatter beyond repair.

So do yourself and your loved one a favor, shut off your iPhone, iPad, iMac, PC, android or Blackberry and devote yourself to person in front of you.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker and a professional matchmaker based in Los Angeles.


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