You Can Meet Someone When You Let Go Of Your “List”, From An Upscale Matchmaker

People, particularly women go on date after unsuccessful date with a mental list of what they would like in a partner. Of course, it is reasonable have a list with certain basic requirements for a potential partner, but other things that might be on your “list” might be holding you back from meeting the “one.”

Here are some things on your list that might be holding you back, and the changes you might want to make:

1. Age: Many women and men have only a rigid certain age range they will date in, and this is a big mistake. Saying you will only date people from 30-35 will discount anyone outside that age range, whether older or younger. Remember, age is only a number. As a professional matchmaker I always encourage my clients to expand the age range to include potential matches who might be older or younger than their “set” age range.

2. Income: It’s reasonable requirement that your future partner be gainfully employed and educated, many successful women would like to date a man who is at their level, or just above. While,  It is reasonable to not want a partner who is working at the Gap, it is not reasonable to only want to date a man who is extremely wealthy and not accept anything less.

As an upscale matchmaker, most people who come to by default tend to be successful and upwardly mobile and many DO make over $100,000, but it’s not something I take in to account when matching two people together.

3. Type: Of course, everyone has their own “type” that they are attracted to, being attracted to a person first (especially for men) is the first step to finding a perfect match.

It is reasonable to want to date a tall person if you are tall, or a someone of your culture/race or someone of certain body type, but it is a good idea to keep your mind open about hair color, eye color, or how the person dresses.

When you let go of your list and work with a matchmaker, you can open your mind to a whole new set of potential matches that you might have seen before.


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