A Question For An Upscale Matchmaker: Can I Ask Him Out?

I got a question today from a female reader asking me if she could ask the man she likes out on a date.

A lot of people, mostly old fashioned will tell you that a man needs to do the asking out, but for me as a professional matchmaker,  I think it is completely acceptable for the woman to do the asking.  In fact, many men will appreciate the gesture, and even if they are not interested, they will be flattered that you made the effort.

The reason this is, men face a lot of pressure when asking a woman out, the fear of what to say, the fear of embarrassing themselves and the fear of rejection, so even if a man thinks he may like you, he might not have the courage to approach you .

So, if you see a guy you really want, step up the courage, take a deep breath and ask him on a date, both you will and he will be glad you did.

Nicole Westwood is an upscale matchmaker, a professional matchmaker and a matchmaker in Los Angeles.


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