4 Easy Ways To Tell A Man You Love Him–From An Upscale Matchmaker

are torn between adhering to your principles and values and that of having to tell a guy you love him. You worry and become fearful about losing him especially that you have just finally found him.

Well, bottom-line is love will always conquer all. In other words, whatever your beliefs in life are, you will always do everything for the sake of love. If you share the same problem of having to tell a guy you are in love with him but you just do not know how, take heed of the following advices on how to tell a guy you love him to finally relieve you of this burden:

1. Admit he is out of the ordinary.

There. That could be the most discreet way of telling the guy you love that you are in love with him. But then you must make it a point that when you do it, you add some touch of creativity as well. Do not just blurt out those five little words of “You are special to me”. Instead, what you can do is prepare him a dinner in your place with a card that says it.

2. Leave out notes to surprise him.

Or better yet, you may just simply write him off a note or letter telling him how special he is to your life and that you are truly very grateful. In that way, you do not only do it with respect but in a very feminine manner as well which can really melt a man’s heart.

3. Have some pizza and beer delivered to his house.

But then make sure not to leave out the note that says “I love you”. He will surely appreciate it especially after a long day from work. You see, it is just a matter of planning it out depending on what the guy you love want. Does he have a weakness for watching movies? If he is, then might as well surprise him with some tickets and leave them hanging on his refrigerator.

4. Surprise him by cooking dinner for him.

Give him the best surprise of his life by sneaking into his house and cooking for him. Make sure that you have had his key duplicated so that you will not have any difficult time going inside his house to cook his favorite dishes. Make some music, chill some wine, turn off the lights, light some scented candles, hide and leave notes to reveal your hiding place. After which you hug him and tender him the sweetest kisses you can ever give him. There is no doubt he will like what you did and will love you even more for it.

See, worrying about how to tell a guy you love him can be not so difficult after all. It will only take some creative planning and execution to finally achieve your ultimate objective of letting him know how much you love him.

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