Getting The Love You Want–From An Upscale Matchmaker

You want a relationship. You have always dreamed of meeting Mr. Right or Miss Perfect. Perhaps you have dated for quite awhile or maybe you are just beginning to socialize. You have held on to a dream ever since you can remember but it doesn’t seem possible and you don’t know where to begin. How do you find love in this world where people do not reveal themselves and you don’t recognize the signs.

The solution to finding the love of your dreams is to begin at the end and work backward. Begin by imagining that you have already met and connected with the love of your life and your ideal lover has responded to you exactly the way you want. What would you feel inside your body if you not only met the person of your dreams but that person was thrilled to meet you? What part of your body would you be most aware of – your breathing, your smile, your temperature? Imagine feeling at ease, no pressure, no anxiety, no need to prove or be anything or anyone but yourself.

Now imagine the person of your dreams, your ideal lover, saying all those loving words you long to hear. What exactly would you imagine this person is telling you about you, about how he or she feels, about the moment? In your imagination, let the words flow and let them be sensual, romantic and thrilling.

Now, imagine what you would say to your ideal person, if you were confident, relaxed and totally present in the moment. If you had absolutely nothing to fear because you knew, with certainty, that this person is crazy about you, what would you want to say to this person you have been waiting to meet all your life?

Hold on to that vision of meeting your ideal person, of the wonderful words that person says to you and the way you confidently express your love to this person. Hold on to the bodily sensations that help you to feel grounded, joyful and totally happy in the moment.

Then think back to your previous, or maybe your current, real life relationships. Think about what you have done right. Think about what you may have done wrong? No matter how you have behaved, what have you learned about life, about love, about men and about women? Finally, be truly honest with yourself and decide what you could have done better or could still do better in your current situation.

Follow these steps every day, for several months or even for a full year. You will be amazed at what transpires in your life. By holding on to your dreams, feeling those emotions and sensations in your body, imagining the actually words being said and your own inner confidence, you are creating within yourself Relationship Wisdom that will lead you right into the arms of the love you want.

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