How To Grow A Positive Relationship–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Developing a rapport with a love interest is very important in today’s culture. We have instant access to each other today through cell phones, Facebook, and other social media, but one thing that is lacking is the ability to really trust one another. If nothing else I ever tell you is true you can count on the fact that before a true relationship can grow there has to be trust. Without it you are really spinning your wheels and wasting your time. Rapport is like building trust on overdrive. So here are some ideas that you can put into place today when it comes to building rapport with someone you are interested in dating.

One caveat that I will say when it comes to building rapport. It is a very powerful technique and can be used by people who have less than positive intentions. Make sure that you only use these ideas to grow positive relationships and not to hurt people.

The first step to building rapport is to let the other person see the things that you share in common. The way our brains are wired we are apt to look at others who are like us more kindly than people who are our opposites. This is one of the reasons that affinity fraud is such a big problem in the world. Affinity fraud is when people exploit others who have commonalities to them (i.e. they go to the same church, attend the same civic groups, share a hobby). If you can find areas that you share an interest with the other person this is a sure way for them to lower their guard.

When you have found things that the two of you share an interest in use them as a bridge to develop a deeper relationship. Spend time with them doing these things and enjoy each other’s company. In doing this you are leveraging the thing that you share in common to offset the things that you do not have in common. Once you have built this strong bridge the other things will quite often seem far less problematic to them.

The final step in developing rapport is to build long term trust. There is a very simple way to do this. Do what you say and say what you do. Develop an attitude that no matter what the truth is better than a lie, even if it hurts a person’s feelings. Day after day in every way show your partner that you are worthy of their love, respect and trust for the long term. If you do this you will see that even the most suspicious person who has been hurt before will learn to love and trust you.

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