Should You Be Friends First?–Advice From An Upscale Matchmaker.

he answer is yes, for some finding a partner for casual sex may be an agenda but if the couple is friends first they can handle the physical and psychological consequences of sex better and it helps in forging a greater intimacy.

It may work for short term
Often people jump into serious relationship quickly and into a bed too without getting to know each other well. It feels great for a short term but it distracts them from really knowing each other on intimate level. Sex is an expression of intimacy and commitment for each other so it will do well if one works on being friends first.

It does not lead to long term relationship
Most couples break up if sex is the only thing that is the binding factor in their relationship. A man and the woman have to be compatible and find out if they connect emotionally as well and this is not possible if they are meeting only for sex.

Being friends is necessary
In any relationship developing the bond of friendship is very important as it means one understands each other and is comfortable together. This makes the progression to next level easier and the relationship will be successful as you have spent time to know your partner and know his/her characteristics and traits.

The relationship has a solid foundation
When you work to be friends there is great understanding of each others needs and desires. There are no unreal expectations as you know your partner well but this does not mean that sex in committed relationship should be boring. When one spends enough time with each other you know the person as he/she is and there is no pretense involved.

The bond is stronger
When there is friendship the bond is deeper and stronger and taking it to next level from here makes your relationship more meaningful and intimate. When you know each others likes and dislikes and want to please them it brings you closer both physically and emotionally.

You grow close emotionally and the intimacy grows steadily. There is a feeling of being connected and bonding where you can count on each other. There is a sense of mutual sharing and genuine liking for one another.

Excitement and passion are the key factors
There is excitement and desire to build a rapport as a team that develops from having trust, respect and tolerance for each other. There is an element of romance and attraction that is absent in casual sex.

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