Three Surprise Turn Offs For Men–Advice From An Upscale Matchmaker

Sometimes, women try too hard to win the love and affection of a man they find to be attractive. These attempts could end in disaster.

Gender differences and individual preferences make it difficult to know in advance what types of behavior will be seen as attractive. Sometimes, the best of intentions end up in confusion and disillusionment.

Women fail understanding that some lines of behavior that are supposed to be attractive could actually be seen as major turnoffs. Knowing which gestures, dating, flirt and communication mistakes to avoid could in fact be difficult.

Some of the biggest surprise turnoffs for men are actually associated to gender stereotypes that society actively enforces. If a woman starts believing those, she could distance a man from her, instead of making him fall madly in love.

Too Sexual
Moderation is key to dating and love success. The majority of men will be turned off by excessively bold and sexual demonstrations.

Real life has little to do with porn. Skirts that are too short and necklines that reveal too much will speak of excessive flirtatiousness and could get the woman labeled instead of respected.

Sex appeal is something that stems from the behavior rather than from the clothing. It will be much more effective when it comes in a subtle and intelligent form. Aggressive sexual demonstrations are far from pleasing.

Many women fall the victim of claims that men love visual stimulation above anything else. They will overdo it and ruin the charm of the date.

Being Excessively Passive
In today’s world, most women are accustomed to men taking the lead. This is probably an anachronism that keeps on living and is more or less acceptable.

When it comes to flirting, many ladies believe that it is the man’s duty to ask them out and to be the more active party. Yet, passivity can be a turnoff, if it happens all the time.

A man would love to see some initiative from the woman. Be it the lady giving him a call, asking him out or selecting a date venue. Being active demonstrates interest and a desire to get together and have a good time.

If the woman seems apathetic, if she plays too hard to get or if she shows no passion in the whole affair, the man could soon begin losing interest. It takes some involvement to light the fire and to keep the sparkle alive.

The lack of initiative and the excessive reliance on somebody else’s effort are two turnoffs that many women still fail understanding.

Too Reliant on Gender Stereotypes
Some women are so accustomed to magazine theories and stereotypes that they forget how general these notions are.

Common stereotypes include a number of statements about male emotionality that are frequently far from true. According to some of the common ones, men see the demonstration of love and affection as weakness. It is also a popular notion that men and romanticism cannot coexist or that men think solely about sex.

If a woman is too dependent on these stereotypes, she will eventually turn a man off. In fact, all people are unique. Such labels may even be seen as offensive by some men. Just like women, the majority of men want someone to love and understand them. Men can be affectionate and gentle. They will probably enjoy a good romantic comedy every now and then.

The lack of an open mind and the manner in which a woman handles stereotypes is another surprise turnoff. It is all about understanding the specific person.

Dating and romance require emotional intelligence and flexibility. One man could fall for the flirtatious type while another will be looking for something more serious. The lack of emotional intelligence can lead to disappointment for both parties.

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