How To Be A Good Girlfriend From An Upscale Matchmaker

Wondering how you can be a good girlfriend? Since you are reading this article right now, I am going to guess that you are already in a good relationship and want things to either remain good or want them to be better.

Well whatever the case might be, almost every girl out there looks for advice on how to be a good girlfriend at one point or another. But what is really the definition of a good girlfriend?

Let me make it absolutely clear that being a good girlfriend isn’t really about doing all the right things at the right time. It’s also not about making extra efforts to make your man feel super special.

Let me share a list of things you must know if you really want to be a good girlfriend and have a great relationship with your man…

Learn how to deal with conflicts in a healthy manner…

The length of your relationship will clearly depend on the manner in which you deal with conflict and arguments in a relationship. You can’t be a good girlfriend unless you are well equipped in this area.

Arguments will be there, whether you like it or not. And there is a good way to deal with them and then there is a bad way.

If you really want to be a good girlfriend, you should never –


  • Try to push your point of view on him and act as if you are always right.
  • Hold things he did in the past against him or keep scores.
  • Let the argument drag on for days or even weeks.


The only good way to settle a conflict is to first understand his side of the story and then consider your own and peacefully come to a conclusion.

Let him have a life of his own…

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean he is trapped. If you really want to be a good girlfriend then you have to understand that his life doesn’t have to revolve completely around you.

There are many common mistakes girls make such as –


  • Trying to control him in one way or another.
  • Nagging him every time he doesn’t do things as you expected.
  • Not letting him go out with his friends once in a while.
  • Being overly needy or demanding.


Never keep secrets…

I can’t even explain how important this point really is. If you are already keeping secrets from him then it’s really important that you figure out a way to open up to him or else it will only lead to a disaster sooner or later.

Why you ask? Well let me put it this way. Would you want him to keep secrets from you? I guess not. Therefore how can you assume that he will be okay with you keeping secrets from him?

No matter what kind of a secret you have right now, some day it will be out in the open and that’s the time when everything will crash.

Stop testing him…

It’s completely unjust to test your boyfriend once in a while. Think about it – You are already in a relationship with him. There is no real need to test him anymore.

And if you are trying to test him already then it’s not a relationship anymore because you have lost that sense of trust you and your man used to share before.

You don’t really have to test him to know what’s going on sometimes. Let me give you the best trick…Ready? Okay! Here it is –


Sounds simple right? Well this is the best way to really clear things out whenever you have any doubts. Testing him or using tricks means your relationship has already gone downhill and it’s only a matter of time before you two break up.

Personal things should remain personal…

Do you often share your relationship secrets with your girlfriends? Well, it can be a huge mistake. You can never be a good girlfriend if you keep on leaking everything which is only supposed to be between you and your boyfriend.

In fact! Some girls let their friends run their relationships. How silly is this? Think about it? Whenever you have an issue in your relationship you pick up the phone and end up calling one of your girlfriends when the best thing to do would have been to talk it out with your boyfriend in a peaceful manner.

Let personal things be personal. I am sure your boyfriend won’t like his secrets being used as gossip on a coffee table.

Give him appreciation, admiration and respect…Then see what happens…

If you really want to become an outstanding girlfriend then you need to give him constant appreciation, admiration and respect. Men crave these things and will go to any lengths to keep you happy if you give them these 3 things.

Here is a good example of this…Say the following to him once in a while…

“John…You make me feel really special. You are a great guy and I am blessed to have you in my life.”


“John…I really respect the fact that you do so much to make me feel special. You are an outstanding boyfriend.”

Just saying the above lines once in a while will do wonders to your relationship. And he will always try extra hard to keep you happy and pleased as well.

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