Seven Ways To Tell She’s Not Into You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Are you spending your entire time wondering if that girl is into you or not? Do you feel like you are getting mixed signals from her about her interest? Sometimes it can be the most obvious signs that are the most confusing. But I’m here to show you that these obvious signs should be speaking to you loud and clear that she is not that into you.

1. Conversation is Quick and Abrupt With Her.

Whenever you try to talk to her she will quickly end the conversation and has to go somewhere, be somewhere, do something, or any other excuse to end the conversation. This is an extremely obvious sign of zero attraction and you should stop trying to talk to her and move on.

Women like to talk. They enjoy sharing their feelings, views, and thoughts on things and can literally sit and they can talk for hours if given the chance – especially when they are into that person they are talking to. So if you find that girl is running away from you most of the time, or giving you abrupt and quick answers to your questions, then this is a sign that you should cut your losses and move on to another girl.

2. She Doesn’t Smile When You Are Around.

She may be having a great time when her friends are with her but when you walk in the room she quickly becomes an unsmiling statue. This shows that you frustrate, annoy, or repulse her. I know that sounds a little harsh but the truth is if she is never smiling around you then you are not someone she enjoys being around.

3. She Leaves The Room When You Come In

If you notice that she always makes an exit when you come into the room then chances are it’s not because she wants you to chase her! One or two times may be a coincidence, but if it’s happening most of the time then she is trying to get away from you and your presence.

4. She Never Makes Eye Contact With You

Eye contact is reserved for people who she is interested in, and avoiding eye contact with you means that she doesn’t want to engage in conversation with you, or she is trying to avoid you. If she is not giving you quick glances from the corner of her eye or looking at you while you are talking then take this as an obvious sign that she is not into you – at all.

5. She Talks About Other Guys When You Are Around

If she’s into you then she will not mention any other guys when you are around her. This is because she would not want to ruin her chances for potentially getting together with you. So if you find she shares her deepest desires for bob at work, then take this as an obvious sign that she is not into you.

6. She Never Texts or Phones You Back

If you are sending her tons of texts or phoning her all the time and she never gets back to you, then she is not that into you. If she was she would be answering you with cute little messages that make you think about her, or she would be calling you and talking about her day and the reasons she couldn’t call you back sooner.

7. She Disagrees With You

If she verbally disagrees with almost everything you say then this is a huge sign that she’s not into you. If she liked you she would be seeing your side of things – even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with you inside herself. This is because she would not want to offend you so she takes your opinions and views with stride.

Any one of these 7 signs should be enough to show you she is not interested. Whether you are just getting a few of these signs or all of these signs together you should stop trying immediately and move on to someone who really does like you.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Ways To Tell She’s Not Into You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

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