Three Great First Date Ideas- From An Upscale Matchmaker

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and for guys this couldn’t be more true than on first dates. You want to set yourself apart from all the other guys trying to win her over and more importantly you want to secure a second day this article covers 3 good ideas for first dates no matter what your budget is.

Take her bowling. You may think you’re being cheesy, but taking her bowling is a great way to have a little adventure together, some great laughs and good memories. Think about all the material you’ll have for conversation making fun of yourselves and more importantly making fun of some of the other people at the bowling alley.

Hiking. You definitely want to check first to make sure she’s not too high maintenance to go out on a hike but getting out and the pressure of doors is a great way to hit it off in a new relationship.when it comes to taking a girl hiking on a first date you want to make sure that you don’t pick something that’s too difficult your goal here is not to impress her with your outdoors men skills but to have a nice fun casual walk where you will need to focus on each other and simply have a great time.

The Theater. No I don’t mean going to see Rocky 7. Taking a woman to see a play at the theater is something that not a lot of guys will do and it can actually be a great experience for her. Most women fantasize about going to things like the theater and ballet with their future husband when they are little girls taking her out to the theater helps her live out that fantasy and think good things about you.

No matter where you go on a first date remember one rule: It’s not about what you want to do that oftentimes it’s not about what she wants to do it’s about getting the two of you into a situation where you can learn more about each other, she can visualize being with you long-term and you give her a memory that will stick with her in a positive light so that the next time you call her she’s excited about what her next adventure will be.

Remember it’s not always the guys that spend the most amount of money on first dates they leave the best impression but it’s always the guys who approach the date thinking about how can they leave their mark with this woman who end up winning in the long run.

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