Does She Like You? Watch Her Body Language–From An Upscale Matchmaker

A woman is a mysterious creature; something we never understand is the statement “How can he not tell I like him”? They send signs that they consider obvious, but we consider them cold, and wish more often than not they would just approach us. This unfortunately isn’t something normal, regardless of all the changes in stereotypes and a woman’s independent stature in society men are still expected to be the guys to make the first move. That is entirely false, in almost every encounter women make the first move, they send signals to a guy they are attracted to and he misses them, or sees them, and hopefully responds properly.

So what could she be doing that shows she is attracted to you? Well when a woman is looking at you from across the room she can do something so simple, she makes eye contact and looks down in a submissive nature. This is something most guys consider a negative sign, she looked down all she doesn’t like me, well wrong again, if she makes eye contact and looks down she is certainly attracted and was submitting before you. This is a great sign that most men consider negative when it is quite the opposite. Sometimes not always; they will follow this up with preening.

A woman in a conversation may turn her head slightly to the side. This is something we often do when listening to someone we are attracted to. It isn’t a sign that she obviously attracted to you and no one else, it is a sign that she is listening intently to everything you are saying and this conversation with you is the most interesting thing she is listening to. Obviously eye contact is very important if she is looking at someone else like this it’s not a sign for you.

This is obvious but most people don’t at all pay attention to it. A woman will often times laugh at everything you say. She will consider you funny, even the most mundane things. This is something we all do, a girl we are attracted to we consider funnier than a girl we aren’t. So pay attention, how much is she laughing with you? Is she enjoying your conversation?

There is and never will be any sign that guarantees an attraction. Likewise no sign guarantees there isn’t attraction. These are great signals to receive in the proper context, and in coordination with consistent other attraction signs can make you confident they are obviously attracted to you. Everywhere you go you will notice them, though they may not be directed at you, it will become obvious when someone is attracted to someone or completely repulsed.


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