How To Attract A Man–From An Upscale Matchmaker

One of the first things to consider when you are trying to learn the best techniques for attracting men is the type of man you are interested in. Make a list of qualities that you find important and then work on finding a man that fits your list, not the other way around. Part of knowing how to attract a man is knowing where to look. If you want a man that spends his spare time going to church then you aren’t going to have much luck finding him in a bar. If you don’t see having kids in your future, then a divorced father of six isn’t likely to bring you happiness. You know what qualities you look for in every other aspect of your life, you should be able to determine what type of man you are looking for.

Finding a man’s interests and talking about them is sure to get his attention. If you have spotted a cute guy that has a passion for basketball, then you can use this subject to get him to pay attention to you. However, if you don’t have at least a small common interest, then your conversation is going to be limited. He may be satisfied with having a woman who is willing to listen but you should be realistic. If it works out, there are going to be a lot of basketball games in your future.

Sometimes, all that is needed to get a man’s attention is the right look from you. If you make eye contact and give him your biggest, brightest smile, then it may be enough to let him know you are interested. Leaving it up to him to make the next move will give him the feeling that it was all his idea and will give him the confidence to carry it to the next level.

If blind dates are out of the question, that doesn’t mean your friends can’t still give you a hand. Many ideal matches have been made through mutual friendships with people who know you well enough to know what you are looking for. If your friends want to introduce you to someone, go along with it. Just have them make it a small gathering instead of a date between the two of you and see what happens.

If you are at a party, take your place in the middle of the activity. If you spend your time sitting off to the side, you are unlikely to be approached. Standing in the center gives you the advantage of seeing everyone and easily starting a conversation with any prospects.

Always look your best. No matter where you go or what the occasion, you need to make yourself attractive. Even the grocery store is filled with single men purchasing their groceries so don’t ever be tempted to run out for a few things before putting on make-up, fixing your hair, and dressing in clothes that flatter your figure.


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