20 Relationship Flags For Women–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Since I am a professional matchmaker,I thought I would write a little piece of relationship red flags, and also some things that may seem like red flags, but maybe not all that bad.

Here are the top twenty relationship red flags:
1. He is read to jump into an exclusive relationship very quickly, he wants to move in after a few months of dating, he was to be your boyfriend only after a few dates.
2.He is VERY cheap and comfortable taking money/help from you, this does not mean that he always asks to go dutch or occasionally makes you go to In an Out Burger, this means that you always have to pay for yourself AND him, even on your own birthday, in other words he’s a leech. He also has a history of living off friends, family members and other girlfriends.
3. He lies cheats or steals
4. He has constant financial problems.
5. His drivers license was mysteriously suspended or he has no car.
6. All your friends, your parents and you co-workers scowl when you mention his name.
7. He is jealous and or possessive beyond what is normal for a man.
8.He parties like a college boy….and he’s 35. He has no idea what he is going to do with his life…beyond get high, get laid and get drunk…Most of his money goes to getting high, drunk and partying, so much so that he can only afford to buy ramen and he’s getting evicted.He spends his weekends getting high, drunk and partying.
9. He’s had very few relationships or dating experiences.
10. He exhibits erratic behavior or mood swings. He threatens you.
11. He has a unstable work history and is frequently unemployed or under employed.
12. He call you names,  is verbally abuse and overly critical.
13. He acts like a child and is very self centered.
14. He pressures you to move away from your family, job or home to be closer to him.
15. He makes you feel guilty for wanting to spend time away from him by yourself, with friends, or at work.
16. He won’t introduce you to his family.
17. His family won’t speak to him.
18. He lives at home….at 35, and is “very” close with his mother, so much so she is plotting to take out a hit on you.
19.  He has few intereste and hobbies.
20. He stresses you out to the point where you are suffering physically and emotionally.

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