Creative Ways To Ask A Woman Out–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Are you tired of all the common ways to ask a girl out? Do you want to impress your girl by asking her out in a cute and romantic way? Do you always get a no because of how unoriginal your ways are? Why not try to do something out of the ordinary?

When it comes to dating, women appreciate it more when a man gets out of his way and do something creative. Although flowers and chocolates are really nice and sweet, it is a very old fashioned way to ask a girl out. Since we are no longer in the Dark Age, there are many unique ways to ask for a date. Say goodbye to the old ways of dating and let’s try these cool and fun ways to ask someone out.

Ask Her Out on Her Facebook Account

If you want to make a public announcement to ask someone out, invite her through social network like Facebook. Since almost everyone has a Facebook account, why don’t you post a message on her wall and tell her you want to have dinner or watch a movie with her. Your girl will surely appreciate it. Just make sure your message is sweet and unique. This only shows how proud you are to have a date with her that you had posted it on public where a lot of people can see.

Send Her Flowers Everyday with A Note in It

Find out what her favorite flower is and ask a flower shop to deliver the flowers on her doorstep everyday. Put a different phrase or word each day. For example your message to her is will you go out with me on Friday night? Then starting Monday ask someone to deliver her flowers with the words will you, then the next day go out until you complete the phrase. Just make sure to finish your invitation before the day itself.

The Red Carpet Trick

To ask someone out in romantic way, get a long red carpet and put it on their front yard starting from their doorstep. Call her and tell her to get out of the house. Place a long stemmed rose with a note saying to walk down at the end of the red carpet. Once she’s out, make sure your car is already waiting and as she approaches open the car door and invite her in. Ask her where she wants to go then drive. It would be really hard to say no on this kind of invitation.

Send Her A Video

Another unique way to ask someone out is by creating a video of your self and telling her you want to spend some time with her. You can send it to her email or probably burn it in disc and tell her to watch it’s one of her favorite movies or song. You can also sing her a song on the video you created.

Those are just some of artistic ways to ask someone out. Girls will surely love the effort and the uniqueness of your style. Although remember girls still loves to receive chocolates and flowers. So, don’t forget to bring some on your date itself.

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