How To Ask Someone On A Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

1. The paramount question to ask yourself before asking someone out on a date is are you ready to deal with rejection? Not saying that you will definitely be rejected, but the possibility is there and you better understand that now. Asking someone out on a date is not easy, but you can get over your fear if you come to grips with the reality first.

2. Do you know exactly when it is that you want to ask someone out on a date? If you are planning a specific time to pop the question then make sure you put thought into it. Sometimes it is all in the delivery and too much commotion could mean nervousness that causes problems.

3. Are you ready to follow up this question with an idea of what you will do on the date or are you simply asking with blind hope? Confidence is key in the question and follow up, so make sure that you know the plan and it is something that they would be interested (if you know that much about them).

4. If this person says yes to the date do you know what exactly this entails? In other words, if you ask someone out on a date and they say yes are you ready for a relationship? Better ask yourself these questions now instead of later!

5. Do you have a foolproof way of asking the question where it will not be confused as a friendly invitation to dinner or fun? It is much easier to ask, “do you want to go to dinner?” But if this is perceived as completely friendly you may have a problem. Ask questions like, “I really like you, do you want to go out sometime?” or “I’d really like to take you out sometime, is that okay with you?”

6. Are you preparing to ask in a way that will make them question your intentions or your seriousness? Lines like, “I forgot my number, can I have yours?” are funny, but may not be taken seriously!

7. Do you have a history of or could it be possible that you are asking in a way that puts tremendous pressure on the other person to say yes? This shouldn’t make them uncomfortable, but asking in a public setting or in front of friends could be a problem.

8. Are you prepared to let them set the time and date of the meeting? The possibility is that your time and date won’t work so are you free to the idea of moving your schedule should your quest to ask someone out on a date succeed?

9. If you do get rejected are you okay with the thought that you may not (and probably won’t) get a reason as to why you were rejected? Asking someone out on a date is difficult and that puts pressure on both parties involved, meaning truth is usually not going to happen. Be ready to accept it and move on.

10. In the event that your proposal (don’t worry, just your asking someone out on a date) is accepted, are you ready to follow through? You will likely only get one chance if you stand someone up so just flat out don’t do it!


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