Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong From An Upscale Matchmaker.

Here are my top four tips to keeping your relationship strong and healthy:

1. Schedule some “me time” away from your partner.

Seeing your partner every minute of your life is not healthy.Even if you are in a relationship, everyone needs some time alone and time with their friends.

2. Keep laughter and humor in a relationship.

As some wise man once said, ” laughter is the best medicine”. Keeping laughter and humor in your relationship is healthy for both you and your partner.

3.Take a second to call them every now and again.

If you both work long hours, take a moment now and again to call them up, or text them with a quick hello. This will mean a a lot to them, especially if they are having a stressful day at the office.

4. Throw a compliment his or her way.

compliments mean a lot to people, try throwing a compliment into the mix every once in a while, your partner will thank you for it.

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