Are You Having A Healthy Relationship?–From An Upscale Matchmaker.

Relationships, sometimes we find ourselves in good ones and sometimes we’re in bad ones; the trick is finding out pretty early on whether you’re in healthy relationships or not.

Easier said than done huh, well I’ve stumbled upon some golden truths that you may find helpful in figuring out exactly what’s what in any of your relationships.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we. Look at the questions below and answer honestly, yes or no. Don’t dwell on any of the questions as your first answer is most likely the most honest.

1. Are you feeling unloved and rejected even though you’re in a long term relationship, married, living with your partner or have lots of friends?

2. Whenever something goes wrong are you made to feel like it’s always your fault?

3. Are you allowed to have friends over or to talk to other people without always having to explain yourself?

4. Do you feel you have to hide things from your partner to avoid an argument or ‘getting him/her angry’?

5. Do you feel you’re not able to be yourself, having to dress and/or behave the way they want?

6. You are called names, are put down and disrespected, are always the butt of the joke and people take advantage of kindness.

7. Do you feel you’ve got to stick around because you’re lucky that he/she is with you and you can’t do any better?

8. Do you always have to make up excuses for marks and bruises on various parts of your body?

9. Do you do whatever they ask you to because of the money, the lifestyle, the sex or just because everybody’s (your so called friends) are doing it?

10. Do you feel you tired and worn out, like you can’t fight or stand up for yourself anymore?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you may want to think about the relationship in question as you might not be in a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships should not have you feeling worthless, useless, battered and afraid for your safety, unable to be yourself, insecure, unloved and rejected or any other feeling associated with any of the above.

If you feel that way then you are not in healthy relationships. Bad relationships are bad for you, emotionally, psychologically and physically; that’s right, if you stay you will eventually get sick. Check it out if you don’t believe me…

Never fear, there are things you can do once you’ve decided you’re not in healthy relationships. The first and most important is to get out of there.

If you physically can’t get out yet, then start by looking at your opinion of yourself.

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