Bad First Date Ideas–From An Upscale Matchmaker

The process of meeting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with can be very difficult. If you do not make the first date special, you could lose out on the chance to know whether the person was meant for you. Be sure you plan dates that can help you know the other person, and the other person can get to know you. After all isn’t that the idea of a first date. A few ideas that can spell doom are listed below:

The Movies

Though taking your date for a movie on your first date can be the easiest idea, it is not the best of ideas. While in a movie, you cannot talk to the person and idea of getting to know the person is completely defeated. Even the choice of movie can be difficult as you do not know each other and that can lead to confusion. If you pick a movie she does not like, you may end up with a very boring first date.

Dinner With Friends

Make sure your first date involves just two people, you and your date. Do not get your friends involved, for if she does not like what she sees, and gets to know you more than is required, it may not be good for your relationship. Also, skip going out on a date with her friends, as they may be judgmental and one wrong move could lead you to misery.

Activities That Only One Person Enjoys

Don’t be selfish, and pick an activity that only you overly enjoy. Make sure you have a vague idea of what she might like and choose accordingly. If you like trekking and choose to take her into the woods, she may get bored while you have the time of your life. Be considerate and ask her what she might like to do before you plan your first date.

A Night Under the Stars

Don’t plan an overly romantic date the first time around, for if you do not like who you meet, your date may get the wrong message. Skip the candle light and home cooked meal and stick to something like dinner at a not so fancy restaurant, followed by a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.

The best way to come up with ideas that can help both you and your date to have a fun time on your first date is by learning from other people’s mistakes. Remember what the objective of the first date is – to get to know the other person and let the other person get an idea of who you are. Make sure the date you plan allows for communication. A simple dinner at a restaurant or even dinner on a cruise ship if you have some money saved up can help the cause.

If you have a vague idea as to what she likes to do and if you share the same interests, you could plan a trip to the museum or to an amusement park to keep the atmosphere light and full of fun.

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