Be Yourself On A Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

The best advice I can give you when you go on a date is to just be yourself. Dating isn’t about being someone else or making someone fall for you while you’re so busy creating an artificial self or personality. It’s hard to keep up with the pretences in the long run. Dating should be fun, worthwhile and memorable, not just for her but for you as well. And even if you got her to drool over you because of the fake you, a relationship based on pretences will never be a lasting relationship.

But just how can you be yourself while on a date? I know you want to impress your date and sometimes impressing someone can make you lose your identity. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be just fine:

You’re an awkward turtle. Now what?

Being awkward can be a result of a couple of things such as being unprepared for the date and too many expectations about the date. Those reasons are good enough causes that can make your nerves tensed. There are a lot of ways to calm those nerves down like taking your time to prepare for the date. Prepare ahead of time and ask a friend to help you in aspects such as picking out stuff to wear and things to do. Allowing yourself to have more time to relax before the actual date is the best way to calm yourself.

Do What You Usually Do

This is a great way to be yourself because you’re actually doing things you’re accustomed to. Of course there is always the need and want to have a memorable first date but sometimes, doing extreme things such as extreme sports for the both of you and for the first time can cause a lot of awkward and embarrassing moments. Stick to what you’re comfortable with and focus your attention on the first date. If it’s successful and both of you are in the comfortable phase then you can have the opportunity to do more exciting things in future dates.

Be Honest

Don’t pretend to like something you’re not comfortable with but don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes here and there. But when do you actually say no? If you’re not comfortable meeting the folks on the first date, say so. In some cases, if you’re afraid of activities such as extreme sports, consider your options first. If things just scare you and you think you might get a heart attack, don’t go ahead with it. If it’s just nerves, you might want to take the opportunity to get over that fear. You never know, but you might actually enjoy it. Remember, you’re only human and you are bound to make a few misses from time to time.

When you’re dating someone, it’s best to act as natural as possible because this is the only way you can be yourself. You know why not being yourself can be stressful? Instead of enjoying your date your focus is all on trying to get by that date. Keep in mind, there is always an extent to how you’re going to use the phrase Just be Yourself and should not be taken out of context. If you’re in an actual relationship with someone, then feel free to be yourself 24/7 but while you’re in the dating zone, keep in mind that it’s the getting to know you phase. It’s not and avenue to release all those emotional baggage you’ve been keeping since high school days. A person can only take so much and showing her everything all at once can push her away. So, be yourself and have fun.

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