How A Shy Man Can Get A Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Sometimes, the amount of swag a guy has to ask a girl out on a date just isn’t enough especially, if the girl makes him giddy like a school boy. What more for a guy who has a wall for a friend. Wallflowers are practically invisible in the dating scene. Asking someone out isn’t easy and sometimes, girls need to cut us men some slack. It takes a lot of courage just to ask someone to spend a couple of hours with you for a fine dinner or a movie. Fret not shy young lad for here are some helpful advice to give you that extra push in asking a girl out.


– There’s nothing wrong with constantly practicing lines in front of the mirror. The lowdown is that you’ll most likely get answers only you want to hear. Did you know that you can actually throw those lines to an actual person and in this case a woman, instead of a mere reflection of yourself? Try asking out actual people and see if those “Hi, my name is ____. I was wondering if you’re free this Friday evening.” would actually constitute a yes for an answer. And remember “Always Be a Gentleman”.

Invest in conversation topics

– There are gazillions of topics you can start having an actual conversation about. Girls like humour so start conversations with light topics and add a bit of humour to it. Being an intelligent conversationalist adds up points but humour gets their attention.

Be where you need to be

– And that would be where she is. Make your presence known. No, not by making a scene. Find your common crowd and mingle with people and most importantly go out more often. No one ever found a real date sitting at home 24/7.

Small Talk

– A lot of shy guys can’t even make it past one sentence because of one common mistake: Pick up lines. They don’t work. Just be yourself well, maybe not entirely you but approach a girl with a topic of conversation you can work around with. If you’re at an event, bring up event related stuffs.

Utilize your Friends

– You may be shy but inside of you is a man who has the ability to manipulate people. Use your friends who aren’t shy, friends who have a connection with the girl to get to introduce you to or put in some words for you or set you up. So that when you introduce yourself, she won’t say “and you are?” If you don’t have friends to help you out, make some.

Ask Friends for Advice

– Experience is the best teacher and your friends who are experienced in the dating scene are good for drawing first hand information on how things actually work. Tell them where you’re weak points are and ask how you can deal with those first.

Online Dating Services

– It’s the ‘IN’ thing these days. If you can’t get a date in person, try this as a last option. It’s still an option but don’t resort to it unless you’ve worked on your people skills.

Be Yourself

– There’s no use pretending to be someone else when you start asking people out. Just be comfortable with yourself and have confidence. It’s not a good thing to get a person to like you for someone you’re not.

Keep an open mind when you ask a girl out. Even if you are likeable and the girl is nice, asking someone out doesn’t always draw out a yes. Be polite if she declines. If you are going to ask someone out, don’t dress to impress…but at least dress well. Now go young man and pluck up the courage to ask that beautiful girl out on a date. Dating can be fun especially if you know how to make it fun.

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