How To Attract A Man By Complimenting Him–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Attracting men with the ego stroking technique should be used with caution and as a part of a bigger plan of how to attract a man to you. You don’t want to create a monster who thinks he’s better than everyone else, including you, after you are done with him. You just want to let him know that you recognize his talents and make him feel good about himself while doing so. Here are a few things to focus on.

His Appearance

Everyone wants to be desirable, and if you build his ego up to the point that he knows he’s got some game then you will have a good chance of him thanking you for doing so.

Find something you like about his appearance (I’m sure that won’t be hard if you are attracted to him) and let him know what you think about it. For instance, if you think he has the best lips in the world then let him know his lips are amazing. That’s really all you have to say to get him thinking that his lips are girl worthy and that you have noticed.

Don’t over exaggerate anything that you tell him though. If he is skinny with no muscle then don’t cry out about his ‘huge muscles’ in front of him. He will be embarrassed and possibly start to avoid you. Instead keep it real and point out the things that you are genuinely attracted to.

His Intelligence

Women have a tendency of making a guy feel stupid. We don’t mean to do it, but in our best intentions we do. We try to show him the best way to do things or go about things, and we correct him when we see that he is wrong.

This includes little things as well as big things. If you are constantly telling a guy that he is not doing something right he will start to think you view him as an idiot and he will withdraw any advances towards you, because honestly who wants to date someone who thinks they are an idiot? So when he does something that makes you want to correct him – don’t. Instead don’t say anything and let him learn on his own without your help.

And if he happens to be doing things right then tell him. An example would be “You always know how to figure that out!” or “You never have any problems understanding that!”. These simple words will make him feel good about himself instantly.

His Sense of Humor

Guys like to make a girl laugh, and they feel good about themselves when they directly help you enjoy yourself. Stroke his ego by laughing at his jokes or smiling at his antics even if they are not the funniest thing you have ever seen. He is trying to make you feel good and that’s what counts.

Tell him that he’s funny or that he’s got a great sense of humor. He will swallow up the compliments and take them to heart.

Do not laugh hysterically and at everything he says though or he will start to feel like you are being fake with him and he will become uncomfortable with that. He will stop trying to make you feel good and instead try to avoid making you laugh at all! Just keep it real and let him know his sense of humor is to your liking.

These are just 3 areas of his ego that you can stroke up to attract a man to you. Making a guy feel good about himself is one of the best routes of attracting men that you can take – and chances are it will pay off in the end.

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