What Men Want In A Commitment–From An Upscale Matchmaker

While it’s true that there are guys who avoid commitment as much as possible, there are still those who are not afraid of it. These men can be considered as gems for some women. As you can see, men are more prone to be in the game than women.

What men want in a commitment is your trust, love, care and loyalty. These are also the things that you would want from your partner. These are the basic elements that put any relationship onto a more solid footing. If the trust is not there you have no relationship. Your love for each other is the glue that keeps you together through the rough times as well as the good. The care you show for each other is about showing your affection and looking after each other through times of trouble. And loyalty goes without saying…

In the case of loyalty, women also need to be a one-man woman. While you could argue that men are more prone to look at the opposite sex, some women have the same tendencies too. You can go on having celebrity crushes as long as you let your man know that he is still the apple of your eye. Never ever openly flirt with anther guy as this would simply ruin your relationship.

Men may not always be the ‘showy’ types who wear their heart on their sleeve, but they have their sensitive side, just as women do. They may not be as hard to please as you may think, so don’t worry about whether you’re able to give them what they’re looking for. What men want in a commitment is your love – everything else follows from there.

Other things that men seek is to know that the person they are with is the genuine person. Don’t be tempted to become something you’re not just to get your man. This is a recipe for disaster, and will create a shaky foundation for any relationship. You cannot act a part permanently so avoid putting on a front in the first place. Develop enough confidence and self belief to show as much of the real you to your man as possible. We all need to keep something back, but let him see who you are underneath so that you can be sure he loves you for you.

Be interesting. Men want to know that they’re seeing someone they can have a good conversation with. Look at yourself and your life. What have you done that’s interesting? What are you doing now that’s fascinating? What is it that you can hold a good conversation about? Your partner wants to see what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning. So let him know by talking about the stuff that you enjoy. Just make sure you can involve him in the conversation as well.

These are the kind of tips you can follow to figure out what men want in a commitment. So enjoy the feeling of loving and being loved.

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