Dishonest Matchmakers Suck Or What Makes A Good Matchmaker

Almost every time I take on a new client, they have a horror story to tell me about a dishonest matchmaker that they have worked with before working with me. .It saddens me is how often I hear this story of honest people who are searching for love only to be cheated and scammed out of thousands upon thousand of dollars.This tells me tells me there unfortunately more than one dishonest matchmaker working in the industry

The reality is, no matchmaker is perfect and they can’t always please every client, sometimes the matchmaker-client relationship simply does not work, not because anyone was dishonest, sometimes like any relationship it just doesn’t work out.

There are three things that a good matchmaker owes her client. The first is HONESTY, as this is the one thing that will make or break a matchmaker-client relationship.  If I know I can’t help someone, I let them know, upfront before accepting their money, sometimes clients contact me from out of the areas I work in, and as much as I want to help them, I simply can’t.

The second most important quality in an upscale matchmaker is compassion. Often a client has a specific reason they are coming to a matchmaker, maybe they have just been through a death of their loved one, a messy divorce or maybe just a bad matchmaker, whatever they are going through, a good matchmaker needs to be compassionate to what they are going through in their lives.

The third thing that is most important is confidentiality. When a professional matchmaker is dealing with a clients love life, it is a private and personal matter, so a relationship where the client can trust that his or her information is safe with the matchmaker is probably one of the most important, if not the most important element of a good matchmaker client relationship

The most common complaint I get from clients about other matchmakers is that they are pushy when getting a client to sign a contract, almost as pushy as a desperate car dealer. Once the contract is signed, the dishonest matchmaker will back off, and becomes very hard to reach, and may throw an introduction to their client once a month, if that.

The other complaint I have gotten from my clients about other matchmakers is that they do not take the time to throughly screen the people who they are introducing to their clients. I have had some of my clients tell me other matchmakers introduced them to prospective matches who were already in relationships, or worse married! If they were introduced to prospective matches who happened to be single, a lot of the time they would have nothing in common with these people, which leads some of my clients and I to think that these people were just matched at random, making it no better than meeting someone on or Plenty of Fish.

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