How To Keep The Conversation Going On A Date–From An Upscale Matchmaker

As a woman, I can tell you nothing makes us more uncomfortable on dates than a guy who can’t seem to keep the conversation going. As much as we expect you to be a gentleman by opening the door for us and paying for the check we are also expecting you to keep the conversation going. Do we sound like little spoiled princesses will yes maybe but this is all part of the natural mating ritual, as men you must keep us interested because we’re as your chase is oftentimes centered around physical attraction our pursuit is many times rooted in emotional attraction. You ever wonder why you see women captivated to the dorky as guy you’ve ever seen? Or why older men seem to have such a successful time dating younger women? It’s because those guys keep the conversation going and keep us interested.

We all know that women can seem to talk for ever and ever and have no problem whatsoever keeping the conversation going. This article is designed to help the single guy learn how to keep the conversation going when you’re on a date with a woman. You certainly don’t want to be dumped just because a girl thinks you don’t have it anything interesting to say.

Respond to what she is saying.

One of the first and easiest steps to keep the conversation going during a date with a beautiful woman is to respond to what she is saying. A lot of guys have the listening part down when it comes to dating and feel like just because they are listening to a girl they’re doing a great job and being a fantastic date. Just because you’re listening to what she has to say doesn’t mean you’re getting any extra points with her, you need to actually respond to what she is saying. If she’s talking about your bed and you need to respond by talking about yoga! Don’t just sit there and listen and nod affirmatively.

Always ask a question after a response.

One of the most powerful tools in keeping a conversation going and keeping a woman interested in the conversation with you is to always ask a question after you respond to her. So if she’s talking about her new shoes, respond about the shoes and then ask a follow-up question. This will take your game to the next level and it also applies to text messages, e-mails, Facebook or where ever you communicate with her don’t just listen and respond! Keep the conversation active by following up with a question.

Bring up iconic moments from her childhood.

This is a great way to have an interesting conversation with just about anybody regardless of how much you know about them. If you bring up icons from their childhood age group I guarantee that they will know about them. If you’re talking to a girl in her 20s and 30s you have no problem finding conversation if you make some oddball comment about the show Friends or make a quick MC Hammer joke. Bringing up things from someone’s childhood not only sparked a conversation that gets them feeling good and associating those excellent childhood feelings with you.

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