Watching Her Body Language To See If She Likes You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

In face-to-face communication your words account for as little as 7 percent of the perceived impact of the communication. Your vocal tone is about 38 percent, but your non-verbal signals take the lion’s share with around 55 percent. This is why you should always pay extra attention to your partner’s body language, because not like our subconscious gestures the words may not be honest.

Almost any relationship, no matter how short or long, begins with an eye-glaze longer than a few seconds. This is when the interest or in some cases – the lack of it gets established. Most girls usually play here the ‘oh-I’m-so-shy-so -you-should-make-the-first-move card’. If you do wish to proceed you should keep the eye contact, if you don’t then just turn away and move on.

The next thing most of the girls do is giving their looks a final polish. This usually means smoothing the clothes, adjusting the hair and make-up and fixing body posture. Now she adds a well-known hair flip and she definitely has your attention. This is usually when they expect you to approach and start a conversation.

Is she leaning towards you? Keep an eye on her body language that indicates she wants more interaction. Girls like doing things like leaning close to you, whispering something in your ear or speaking softly so you have to come closer to talk to her. If she seems to be interested and enthusiastic about being almost too close to you, you know she’s interested.

Now if she starts touching you occasionally she’s definitely into you. Women who aren’t into a man are very careful of avoiding any type of touching that can be interpreted as flirting. Is she bumping into you a lot? Is she touching your shoulders or back? Is she fixing up your appearance and clothes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then she’s interested in you.

Some women show their interest by asking questions. They want to know more about your family, closest friends and previous girlfriends. They usually don’t mean anything bad by doing it but yes, it may be uncomfortable for you. The more details you give them the more interested in you they get. That’s just in their nature.

Girls are very good at marking their territory to signal to the other girls that a guy is taken. This will involve some very fleeting form of touch, possibly on the arm or shoulder. They usually sit near you, try to talk to you as much as possible and laugh at your jokes (both good and bad ones). It’s all because they don’t want to have competitors around you.

So long story told short, the more eye contact and less personal space you get the better. Always pay attention to the little differences you notice in her behaviour. Occasional touching is a solid proof she expects something more from you two than just being friends. And let’s not forget the sudden interest in your past. They usually really do want to get yo know you better. So all you have to do is pay attention to her body language and you will know if she is or isn’t interested in you.
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