Ways To Know He Loves You–From An Upscale Matchmaker

When you’re really interested in a guy, don’t you wish you knew some sure signs he likes you, too? Do you feel like you often waste time with a man who’s just not that into you? Are you getting tired of wondering, in each relationship, if you should stay or walk away? Sometimes it’s hard to read a guy and know whether or not he really likes you. Men aren’t usually as communicative as women – particularly when it comes to expressing their feelings. But even if a guy won’t tell you straight out, there are ways you can tell how he really feels. Following is brief checklist of some sure signs he likes you:

• He makes plans with you. If he guy starts planning ahead more than a few days at a time for your activities together, it means he sees you in his future.

• He introduces you to his inner circle. If you’ve met his best friend, his roommate, and his little sister, it means he’s proud of you and wants to share.

• He laughs at your bad jokes. If even your most annoying habits are entertaining to him, it means he’s seeing you through heart-shaped, rose-colored glasses.

• He blushes when you catch him looking at you. If every time you turn around, he’s staring dreamily at you, it means he really likes what he sees.

• He calls when he says he will. If he’s acting more dependable and available to you, it means he wants to stay on your schedule.

• He goes to see romantic comedies with you. If he is suddenly willing to shop with you or see a chick flick, it means he wants to be with you at any cost.

• He protects you from all threats. If he guides you around puddles and won’t speak to the former friend who said your laugh was too loud, it means he wants you to feel safe and secure.

Getting the idea yet? A checklist of all sure signs he likes you could be a mile long, and it still wouldn’t cover every possible example. The important points to look for in your guy’s behavior include:

• Talking about and planning for the future

• Sharing friends and interests with you

• Tolerating your bad habits

• Showing affectionate body language

• Being dependable

• Enjoying your company

• Being protective of you

And maybe, if you’re lucky, one of the sure signs he likes you: he tells you so! Sometimes a hint is all it takes. If you’re feeling bold, you can even let him know what you think of him, in a light-hearted way, and see how he responds. Open communication with your guy beats all the lists in the world for knowing where you stand. So if all else fails, review this checklist to see if you can spot some of those sure signs he likes you. One way or another, you’ll find out for yourself.

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