Dating Tips For Men–From An Upscale Matchmaker

So, you finally got all of your courage up, you went way past your comfort zone and asked out a woman you’ve had your eye on for some time and guess what? She said NO. What can you do when you are in that kind of position? I mean, it’s tough enough just to get yourself geared up enough to actually ask out a woman you’ve been eyeing, but when she says no to you, what can a guy do?

This is way more common than you think. It’s kind of funny how when it happens to you, it feels like it is only happening to you. Don’t get caught up in that kind of thinking though. Let’s be honest here. Rejection does happen. So, what can a guy do when he gets up the courage to ask out a woman and then she says no?

Unfortunately, when this happens, most guys make one of two choices. They either take the path of most persistence and keep on pestering the woman for a date, OR, they do the complete opposite and assume that this means that they will never have a chance with her.

Most of the time, neither choice really is the right one.

Try and persist too hard, and you might end up with a restraining order. Shy away and assume that you can never get a date with her… and that WILL end up being your experience. You really need to look at it from another perspective. Just because a woman says no the first time you ask her out, does not mean that she will never say yes to you. And just because she said no, it’s not always because she is playing hard to get with you.

If you get rejected by a woman you really want to date, and you don’t know what to do, pay attention. First, you want to look at the possible reasons why she may have rejected you. Did you approach her the right way before you asked her out on a date, or did you do it in a way that made her feel uncomfortable and awkward? Was she really going to be busy that night or was she just using it as an excuse?

Next, you do want to set your eyes on more than just her. It’s never a good thing to get stuck on that one woman, especially when she is not your girlfriend. There are so many women out there who are attractive, single, and there’s no reason to get hung up on just one. Besides, the more women that you go after, the more women that you approach, the better YOU are going to get. And when you DO get better at approaching and interacting with women, you just might get that second shot at the one you did have your eyes on.

So, what should you do when a woman says no to you?

Move on, keep your eyes open to the possibility that she may not be the only one for you. At the same time, don’t assume that just because she said no to you once, that this means that you will never be able to get her to say YES. In fact, once you get a little more experience, and you learn effective skills to build attraction, you usually can get that second chance with the woman you really want to be with.

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