Do’s And Don’ts Of Long Term Relationships–From An Upscale Matchmaker

Keeping a relationship in any sort of distance is always a challenge. There are always going to be some things that will go in the way. Though these challenges you and your partner are going to face are quite difficult, they are actually healthy for the both of you. This is actually where the both of you can see what the other is really like. Being apart is just the beginning of every relationship and not the other way around.


Establish an effective channel of communication. Since both of you do not get to see each other all the time, it is a must that both of you will get to talk at a daily basis. Not talking would eventually lead to arguments and having arguments is never good especially for those who are at a distance.

Schedule meet-ups. Just because you are far apart does not mean that you cannot see each other. There are many, many ways that you can choose from if you are just willing to go and meet your partner. As long as you are both going to take turns in visiting, it isn’t going to be a problem. Letting the other do all of the visiting will surely hurt the relationship in a devastating way.

Give your partner a surprise visit. In line with the thought of visiting your partner, one may also choose to give his or her significant other a surprise visit. This idea should be planned out right to get the desired effect which is wowing them. A surprise visit will not just surprise them but it would put a big smile on their face.

Take-up a shared hobby. This is one little way to make it seem like the two of you are together. While doing the same thing at different places in different times, it is best that you take a picture and share these with each other.


Never ever get a temporary replacement. Most people in long distance relationships think that it is okay to get a substitute for their loved one but this is so wrong. Doing so will only ruin the trust which is supposedly the basic foundation of your relationship.

Take the relationship seriously. There are people who think that relationships which involve being apart are not to be taken seriously since it doesn’t seem to be a serious. Distance is no joke. People who can stand being together when apart are to be highly lauded.

Avoid being so suspicious. Suspicion breaks trust, and loss of trust in any kind of relationship, especially long distance ones, will ultimately ruin it. Be observant enough to feel the signs of a person losing interest in another. Having that knowledge will help you let go easily than you think you could. However, be very wary when doing so since there is a thin line between being cautious and taking the relationship lightly.

Think positive. See the relationship as something positive even with the distance. If you yourself think negatively about being in a long distance relationship, then you have no right being in one. View the distance as a test of your loyalty and trust.

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