How To Deepen Your Relationship With Him–From An Upscale Matchmaker

This relationship advice for women is something that a lot of women ask. If you go to any forum, you’ll hear these silent pleas for help. Unfortunately, they’re generally being unanswered and these women are suffering in silence. Most ladies magazines are catered to things that tend to be more superficial in terms of the relationship with the man, unfortunately. These are three things that my wife Elle has been doing with me for the last 5 years that we have been married. She learned them by trial and error because she also couldn’t find help for this problem.

1. Communication Without Talking

This is something important that should work between two people who have a connection. You have to pay attention to things like eye contact, body language, facial expressions, things like that.

What Elle and I sometimes do is make an effort not to talk for an entire day and to get by with no verbal speech. It’s something fun and we have been pretty successful in the past.

2. Talking About The Difficult Stuff

This is stuff that should be talked about more between couples but unfortunately doesn’t happen enough. I know one couple that does it really well. I actually went and asked them the questions they ask each other at the end of the week.

The things that stand out are like, “how did you think we did as a couple this week?” and “was there anything I did that made you consider leaving me for someone else?” Quite intense, but they’re so strong, it’s not funny.

3. Honesty Days

These days are days where couples drop all social propriety and simply tell it like it is to their partner. Maybe it’s how they feel about what they’re wearing. Maybe it’s what they’re currently thinking about.

There is no discomfort, there are no barriers. It might be hard to do initially, but it is so freeing. Initially, it caused some arguments but when Elle and I focus, we talk a lot a sort out our problems faster so that we can focus on being happy instead of hiding things from each other.

This relationship advice for women is important if you want to deepen the relationship with your man. It’s not easy to do, especially being honest for 24 hours and talking about difficult matters, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Once you get over the hill once, it’s a lot easier the next time around.

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